Project AES-X214 initiation

[page updated 2014-01-29]

This project was proposed by D. Ackerman. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-07 and assigned to the SC-07-01 Working group on Audio Metadata.

TITLE AES-X214, XML Implementation of ADL
SCOPE to create a set of XML elements and a schema that fully represents AES31-3 ADL documents; and to provide an XSLT style sheet for reformatting the XML document in plain-text EDML format.
RATIONALE EDML is an idiosyncratic format not widely supported. XML is a widely adopted encoding format which can have format restrictions placed upon it via DTD or schema documents which can aid in instance document validation. Converting EDML into an XML representation opens the use of the documents up to any tool that can parse XML. It also allows for multi-byte encodings such as UTF-8, surpassing the limitation of the ASCII-US encoding of EDML.

Backwards compatibility to EDML may be achieved via a style sheet through an XSLT transformation.

WHO BENEFITS? Developers and users of audio editing software who need stable long-term playability; Audio archivists.
WHY AES? This work will build on an established AES standard and open new areas of practical utility.
AES - Audio Engineering Society