SC-04-03 meeting, London, 2010-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-04-03 Working Group on Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics meeting, held in London, UK, 2010-05-25

The meeting was chaired by N. Harris.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were agreed as written.

Open Projects

AES-1id-R: Review of AES-1id-1991 (r2003): Plane-Wave Tubes: Design and Practice
Project scope: to establish, expand, and improve the practice for the design and use of plane-wave tube measurement techniques, as recommended in section 2.2.1 of AES2-1984, "Recommended Practice Specification of Loudspeaker Components Used in Professional Audio and Sound Reinforcement."

Awaiting secretariat formatting.

M. Yonge proposed to draft a report of a “standard glossary” of terms for use within standards on loudspeakers, so that terms like “loudspeaker” are disambiguated.

AES-5id-R: Review of AES-5id-1997 (r2009): AES information document for Room acoustics and sound-reinforcement systems - Loudspeaker modeling and measurement - Frequency and angular resolution for measuring, presenting and predicting loudspeaker polar data
It was noted by those present that the subject of this document was very similar to projects being pursued by the SC-04-01 working group on Acoustics and Sound Source Modeling.

It was proposed that AES-5id-R should be transferred to SC-04-01 - who are continuing to work on angular measurement issues - to avoid duplication of effort within the standards committee.

AES-1id-R: Review ofAES-1id Plane-Wave Tubes: Design and Practice
Nothing to report on this.

AES2-R: Review of AES2-1984 (r2003): AES Recommended Practice - Specification of loudspeaker components used in professional audio and sound reinforcement
No action to report.

Development Projects

AES-X129 : Loudspeaker Distortion Perception and Measurement
Project scope: to research the correlation of loudspeaker distortion perception with old and new distortion measures.

No action reported.


David Prince is now responsible for liaison betwen ALMA and AESSC.

New Projects

No new projects were proposed

New Business

Call for information on flat panel loudspeakers - exploratory only at this point.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 129th Convention in San Francisco, CA., US., 2010-11.

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