SC-03-12 meeting, New York, 2005-10

Report of the meeting of the SC-03-12 Working Group on Forensic Audio of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, held in New York, NY., US., 2005-10-09

The meeting was convened by chair T. Owen

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting, 2005-05-30, was accepted as written.

Open Projects

AES27-R: Review of AES27-1996 (r2002): AES recommended practice for forensic purposes - Managing recorded audio materials intended for examination
Assigned to: SC-03-12, Initiated: 2002;
Intent: Revision, Target: 2007;
Current goal: PTD for revision, Goal date: 2006-05;
Status: Draft for update expected.

The evidence document was discussed and the consensus of the meeting was that various terms and procedures needed some updating and new language. Owen agreed to develop that for presentation.

AES43-R: Review of AES43-2000: AES standard for forensic audio - Criteria for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings
Assigned to: SC-03-12, Initiated: 2000;
Intent: Reaffirm, Target: 2005;
Current goal: CFC reaffirmation, Goal date: 2005-11-03;
Status: Companion digital document proposed (TBC)

The Authenticity document was discussed extensively with R. Schlesinger agreeing to contact the FBI and others to ask their input on authenticity. Digital Authenticity and Methodology was also discussed extensively.

Development Projects

AES-X010: Guidelines for Forensic Analysis: Study of Requirements for Identification and Enhancement of Recorded Audio Information
Assigned to: SC-03-12-B, Initiated: 1997;
Intent: Information document, Target: 2005;
Current goal: None, Goal date: None;
Status: Project retired

Discussion concluded that enhancement is very subjective and that any standard document would soon be outdated by the arrival of new software and techniques. The document was retired.

AES-X135: Forensic audio - Recordist Audio Evidence Collection (FARAEC)
Assigned to: SC-03-12-D, Initiated: 2002-10;
Intent: Information document, Target: 2005;
Current goal: PTD, Goal date: 2005-10;
Status: Editorial continues


Discussion regarding the AES Technical Committee �Forensic Contest� was advised to be held at that Committee meeting.

New Projects:

Voice Identification
R. Sanders volunteered to take the current and existing Voice Identification Standards and put them into the AES Format for review and discussion.

New business:

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 120th Convention in Paris, France, 2006-05. E. Brixen was asked to chair that meeting.

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