SC-03-04 meeting, Barcelona, 2005-05-28

Meeting of SC-03-04 Working Group on Storage and Handling of Media of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording held in Barcelona, Spain, 2005-05-28

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were accepted as written.

Open projects.

AES22-R: Review of AES22-1997 (r2003): AES recommended practice for audio preservation and restoration - Storage of polyester-based magnetic tape
No action was requested or required. AES22-1997 will be subject to a mandatory review in 2008.

AES28-R: Review of AES28-1997 (r2003): AES standard for audio preservation and restoration - Method for estimating life expectancy of compact discs (CD-ROM), based on effects of temperature and relative humidity
No action was requested or required. AES28-1997 will be subject to a mandatory review in 2008.

AES35-R: Review of AES35-2000: AES standard for audio preservation and restoration - Method for estimating life expectancy of magneto-optical (M-O) discs, based on effects of temperature and relative humidity.
AES35-2000 requires a mandatory review this year. The meeting agreed that this is a useful document and proposed to re-affirm this document in its current form.

AES38-R: Review of AES38-2000: AES standard for audio preservation and restoration - Life expectancy of information stored in recordable compact disc systems - Method for estimating, based on effects of temperature and relative humidity.
AES38-2000 requires a mandatory review this year. This document was discussed and it was agreed that while additional work could well be required to cover the quality of recordable compact discs, the AES38 document was still relevant within its scope. The meeting proposed to re-affirm this document in its current form.

Development Projects

AES-X054: Magnetic Tape Care and Handling This document is currently at the public Call for Comment stage and as such we were not able to discuss details. We await the close of the CFC, which in this case is the end of July 2005. Assuming that there are no adverse comments received, this document should be published as a standard in August.

AES-X055: Projection of the Life Expectancy of Magnetic Tape.
The Joint Technical Commission, a cooperative liaison project with I3A in which many Working Group members participate, continues research into methods to estimate the life expectancy of magnetic tape. The group discussed this work, as the research work being carried out into life expectancy of magnetic tape has as yet reached no conclusions. As this information is not forthcoming, this report cannot be produced. Furthermore, the scope does not specify if this work is referring to new or existing tape that would help to narrow the requirements of this report and possibly allow something to be published a little sooner.

The meeting felt that as the impetus for this report was coming from the USA, the goals for this project would be moved to October to bring this item up for discussion in New York.

AES-X145: Care and Handling of Optical Discs
This proposed standard concerns the care and handling of digital optical discs during use. It addresses the issues of physical integrity of the medium necessary to preserve access to the recorded data (information). Included are recommendations for handling procedures to maximize the effective life of optical discs. This standard addresses the following subjects: a) use and handling environments, including pollutants, temperature and humidity, light exposure and magnetic fields; b) contamination concerns; c) inspection; d) cleaning and maintenance, including cleaning methods and frequency; e) transportation; f) disasters, including water, fire, construction and post-disaster procedures; and g) staff training.

The last meeting recommended that the revised text be sent for comments as a PWD when the next round of changes have been made in 2004-11 by the Joint Technical Commission. The meeting discussed the document at length in particular how mishandling issues are linked to data retrieval and manufacturing tolerances. It was concluded that if anyone has comments concerning this document, they should do so now so they can be discussed at the next meeting. The current goal dates will be moved to next October to allow for this.

AES-X146: Extended term storage environment for multiple media archives
This project seeks to provide suggested guidelines for extended-term storage environments for archives that contain a variety of recording media, based on the existing AES and ISO storage standards for those media. Many of these media hold audio content. Whenever possible, the storage environments in the AES and ISO storage standards should be followed. This technical report does not replace these AES and ISO storage standards. In addition to environment recommendations, those standards also include other vital information pertinent for the long-term keeping of recording materials such as inspection, housing, and handling guidelines.

On 2004-09-27 a draft PTD was sent for comment, due 2004-10-24. No comments were received. The meeting felt that this was an excellent document and recommended this be progressed as soon as possible and should go to PCFC immediately.

AES-X153: Care and handling methods and processes for high density hard disc drives.
This project will be a cooperative project with the Joint Technical Commission. It was approved as a new project last year. The meeting discussed the document on the table that clearly needed to be formatted for AES publication. The group was encouraged to comment on the document to allow progress for next meeting.


AES-X080: Liaison with AES/ I3A-WG5 Joint Technical Committee (JTC)
The liaison arrangement is working smoothly, and no changes are needed at this time. The Standards Secretary gave a brief report on this liaison, which is provided normally by the chair of this group.

New Projects

No new project were proposed.

New Business

The issue was raised following discussions outside the meeting last year concerning life expectancy of recordable optical disks. Text for a possible journal article was discussed. The meeting proposed that the AES should issue an AES-SC report in the journal covering this subject. The text will be circulated to this group by the Standard Secretary for further discussion and approval.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 119th Convention in New York, USA, 2005-10.

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