March 2003 meeting of SC-03-02

Report of the SC-03-02 Working Group on Transfer Technologies of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 114th Convention in Amsterdam, Netherland, 2003-03-22

The meeting was convened by chair L. Gaustad

The agenda and report from the previous meeting were accepted as written.

Open projects

AES-X64 Test Methods and Materials for Archival Mechanical Media
G. Brock-Nannestad has written a draft text booklet for the set of test records, "Calibrating signals and test records", which the working group propose to be finished and published as a Standards Report, with reference on the disc set box.

S. Davies and Gaustad will send an accurate cost estimate for the production of the records to the AESSC Chair and Standards Secretary before 2003-05-01. John Nunn will bring the proposal and preliminary costs to the Board at the upcoming Board Meeting.

New target: The records should be on sale by the 116th Convention in Berlin, May 2004.

AES-X65 Rosetta Tone for Transfer of Historical Mechanical Media
On the proposal of initiator Brock-Nannestad, the Working Group suggest the project to be retired.

AES-X106 Styli shape and size for transfer of records
Brock-Nannestad and F. Lechleitner have said they will provide input for the PTD.
New target date: 2004-05

AES-X107 Compilation of technical archives for mechanical media
IASA TC has agreed to contribute, and the actual practicalities will be worked out between Gaustad and the AESSC secretariat.

Gaustad will provide T Sheldon with info so he may contact J. McKnight of the historical committee.

New projects

No new projects were received or proposed

New business

There was no new business

The next meeting will be held at the AES 115th Convention to be held in New York, US, 2003-10

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