AESSC: Oct 2002 Meeting of SC-04-01

last updated 2003-01-31

Report of the SC-04-01 Working Group on Acoustics and Sound Source Modeling, of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 113th Convention in Los Angeles, CA, US, 2002-10-07

The meeting was convened by vice-chair W. Ahnert

Open Projects

AES-X05 Room and Source Simulators: Specification and Evaluation of Computer Models for Design and Auralization; Recommendations for Transportable Input and Output Files
After a long discussion, the meeting felt that there was no need for special interface format. There is no apparent interest of CAD designers to have a common format. Consequently, it was felt that AES-X05 should ask for the text format used for data export in any program to be well documented. Other program users may then write and/or distribute conversion routines to realize the exchange of models.

AES-X70 Smoothing Digitally-derived Frequency Response Data on A Fractional Octave Basis
As proposed in the report of the previous meeting, this project was retired.

AES-X83. Loudspeaker Polar Radiation Measurements Suitable for Room Acoustics
A long discussion developed the view that there was no need for text formats for the balloon data. The consensus of the group was that we should specify the minimum requirements only to get valid measured data. This is increasingly done in the time domain (impulse responses) or frequency domain (transfer functions) to get complex data.

The basis of the discussions so far has been the older version of Draft x83 from 2001-05. The vice chair has agreed to update this draft within the next two weeks and to post it to the SC-04-01 document site.

AES-X108 Measurement of the acoustical and electroacoustic characteristics of personal computers.
The attendees got a proposed draft following the guidance of AES-6id. This draft needs to be studied by members of the Working Group and therefore its review was scheduled for the next meeting of SC-04-01.

AES-X122 Loudspeaker Radiation and Acoustical Surface Data Measurements: How They Apply to Usage Environments
Work on this project was postponed, the work on AES-X83 should be finished first.

New projects

No project requests were received or introduced.

New Business

There was no new business.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 114th Convention in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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