SC-04-09 meeting, Online, 2022-10

Report of the Meeting of the SC-04-09 Working Group on Assessment of acoustic annoyance, held online, 2022-10-10.

Chair David Josephson convened the meeting, patent policy read, introduction of attendees, agenda approved, report of previous virtual meeting held 2022-05-05 approved..

In attendance were Bruce Olson, Richard Cabot, David Robb, David Prince, Herb Singleton, Neil Shaw, David Josephson, Joel Brito, Peter Mapp, Scott Dorsey, Durand Begault, Scott Norcross, Josef Schlicttenlacher, Benjamin Gold.

New projects:

AES-X248 Assessment of Acoustic Annoyance

Discussion continued from the last meeting on practical goals for AES-X258 in developing metrics for ambient sound assessment. There seemed to be little consensus about the use of conventional metrics such as LA90 (A-weighted sound pressure level exceeded for 90% of the measurement period) versus Leq (equivalent continuous sound pressure level during the measurement period.) A member suggested Leq as the baseline for ambient and another responded that it was entirely inappropriate for that, being sensitive to the whole integrated sound level including the disturbing sound. There was more consensus around the Cambridge loudness method being standardized now (ISO/DIS 532-3, soon to be released as an IS) which requires separate definition of an ambient spectrum and the noise event spectrum.

Reference was made to the ANSI/ASA S12.9 standard, which is a 6-part series from more than 20 years ago (although several parts have been revised more recently.) Discussion indicated that the participants in the meeting weren't too familiar with this standard, so it was requested that copies of the 6 parts be made available to members on the SC-04-09 document site if possible through liaison with ANSI. The chair suggested that members should be familiar with this set of standards as the current baseline for guidance on environmental sound assessment.

Work by other groups in this area was discussed, including that of the Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise (FICAN) and the National Academies' Transportation Research Board. TRB has an ongoing effort on noise, primarily road vehicle noise. Herb Singleton volunteered to contact colleagues at FICAN and TRB for an update on their current activities in this area and to determine if they would be interested in being involved with the SC-04-09 project.


There is no liaison work now underway.

New projects

No new projects were proposed.

New business

No new business was raised.

The next meeting will be held online in May 2023, scheduled in conjunction with the AES 154th Convention.

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