SC-02-12 meeting, Online, 2021-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-12 Working Group on Audio Applications of Networks of the SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital Audio, held online in connection with the 150th Convention, 2021-05-18.

The meeting was convened by chair Morten Lave.

The formal notice on patent policy was read.

The report of the previous meeting, held online, in connection with the 149th Convention, 2020-10-09, was approved as written.

The agenda was approved as posted with a minor change to the order of the items.

In attendence were Richard Cabot, Anthony Kuzub, Morten Lave, Ievgen Kostiuke, Jim Meyer, John Grant, Peter Stevens, Paul Treleaven. Gints Linis, John Schilberg, Wataru Hatano, Kent Terry, David Prince, Kevin Gross, Jeff Berryman, Terry Holton, Ahmed Gelby, Andreas Hildebrand, David Andrews, Anthony Kuzub

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see here for details.

Open Projects:

AES67-R - Review of AES67-2018 , AES standard for audio applications of networks - High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability

A short status of the proposed revisions was presented by Gints Linis. The presentation is available on the reflector here
When the SC-02-12M group completes the AES67 over WAN report they will refocus on this proposal.
The new completion target is 2022.
The group would like input regarding offensive language and references to other standards using such language.

AES70-1-R Review of AES70-1-2018: AES standard for audio applications of networks - Open Control Architecture - Part 1: Framework
AES70-2-R Review of AES70-2-2018: AES standard for audio applications of networks - Open Control Architecture - Part 2: Class structure
AES70-3-R Review of AES70-3-2018: AES standard for audio applications of networks - Open Control Architecture - Part 3: Protocol for TCP/IP networks

A new draft is in the works, it is a substantial update with about 50 changes.
The numbering of the AES70 family will continue such that the lower numbers are reserved for the main parts of the specification and as an example AES70-4 will likely be the Protocol for JASON. Adaptations for connection management will start at AES-21 such as the AES67 and Milan/AVB ones currently in the works.
Target date: 2021 (unchanged)
Offensive language will be addressed in an upcoming release. There is only one small issue to deal with.

AES74-R Review of AES74-2019 AES standard for audio applications of networks -Requirements for Media Network Directories and Directory Services

Nothing to report. The project is idle.

AES-R16 AES Standards Report - PTP parameters for AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059-2 interoperability

Offensive language in this report will be updated as AES67 is updated.

AES-R17-2017 (s2018): Standards project report - AES67 Interoperability PlugFest - London 2017

Offensive Language, rely on AES67 update for new terms to refer to.

AES-X242 Streaming audio metadata over IP

Things have not progressed as expected partly waiting on SMPTE ST 2110-41. The group will need some more time to finish the work.
Rather than X242 being the defining document now -41 will be the basic streaming method and X242 will be a constrained version of that which works with AES67.
There are some open questions regarding the coding methods which needs to be worked out.
The target date will be moved to 2022 but hope to make progress towards the end of this year.
Offensive language will be taken into account in the drafting process.

AES-X243 AES70 Connection Management for AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30

It will be a few months before we have a draft.
The original draft was based on the original Connection Management objects in AES70. The draft was not exactly what the group wanted as it was describing the complete AES70 Connection Management mechanism and not just the deltas of the adaptation.
A new revision of the AES70 Connection Management was driven by new requirements from Milan, the desire was to be general enough to support both adaptations. Resulted in a discussion which is basically concluded resulting in CM4. Redrafting is on the way to conform to CM4. CM4 was not a complete surprise as there were many discussions between the different groups.
Now converged on a satisfactory solution for both groups.
Target date 2021 for both adaptations is still good. Planned release shortly after AES70-1/2/3.
No offensive language issues.
The group still needs so guidance on policy from the SC regarding referencing other standards (like IEEE) who have do not yet have a policy.
Fortunately, SMPTE has made changes to their specifications so maybe there is some guidance there.

AES-X251 AES74 Conformance Survey

No action.

AES-X252 AES70 Milan Adaptation

Nothing to report, awaiting draft from OCA.
Change target to 2021.


Liaison with MPEG (John Grant)

Not following MPEG that closely. IEC TC100 IEC62379-1 not anything to report.
TC100 Looking at low latency.

Liaison with mobile (John Grant)

ETSI IP networking published 3 reports since the last meeting.
Very early state, universities able to do stuff again. One department has a conservatory, another 5G, using flexi-link (native protocol of NiN) and not IP. One will do new-radio, the other DECT2020, DECT started doing wireless domestic phones now doing new radios (IMT 2020).
Current wireless microphones are going to lose their allocated spectrum, DECT2020 might take over.

Liaison with IEC62379-1 (Common control interface, orig. BBC project in 2004, ATM etc.) (Peter Stevens)

Aiming to get in contact with IEC to finish some work and put it in unsupported state.

Liaison with ST 2059 (SMPTE) (Use of PTP for professional media sync.) (Paul Treleaven)

ST 2059 part 1 and 2 have been completed for a long time but are stuck in the publishing queue.
The ST 2059-2 (PTP profile) has not been updated to work with IEEE1588 v2.1, There is an intent for further revisions to do so.
The ST 2110 family has multiple revisions in comment resolution, but it looks like they should resolve soon. There is a new document ST 2110-43 for subtitles over RTP.
ST 2059-15 is a publicly available as a Comment Draft so it can be implemented outside the standards committee. It is a standard for monitoring PTP networks and defines how devices report status.

Liaison with Avnu ProAV AVTP (Morten Lave)

Nothing to report.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 151st Convention, to be held October 2021 in LV USA, SC meetings will be virtual except potentially Plenary F2F in Vegas.

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