SC-04-08 meeting report, online meeting, 2020-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-04-08 Working Group on Measurement and Equalization of sound systems in rooms, of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics, held online, 2020-05-28

The meeting was convened by chair Peter Mapp.

In attendance were P Mapp, R Cabot, B Olson, E Brixen, C Hughes, N Shaw, D Blore, J Brito, R Kessler, B Long, D Robb, L Neumann, D Josephson, S Hutt, P Newell, M Poimbouef, S Norcross

The formal notice on patent policy was read.

The chair, Peter Mapp [PM] introduced himself as did the other attendees

Minutes of previous meeting in New York, 2019-10-17 were approved.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Development projects

AES-X218: Measurement and calibration of sound systems in rooms.
Three new documents were discussed.

  • (1) Decision Tree. Bruce Olson had produced an initial decision tree for room measurements. After discussion it was agreed that some corrections / additions were required (Eg system background noise / noise emission measurement & STI measurement). Action BO - By end of June
  • (2) Measurement of room background noise level. PM had produced a draft document detailing the measurement of background noise. This was discussed in some detail , particularly with respect to statistical noise measures (Ln) Action Eddy Brixen to provide para on usefulness of statistical noise level measurements and usefulness or otherwise of Lmax & Lmin ? By end of June ANSI 12-9 environmental noise measurement discussed but decided not really applicable to rooms (at least at the moment). Also additional info on meter calibration to be added (Annex) PM. The objective is to have this info and draft doc to RC at start of July for him to format. Any comments please send to email group or pm directly and he will revise the text before sending to RC.
  • (3) Measurement of reverberation time. PM tabled a second draft document he had produced concerning the measurement of reverberation time. Discussion took place concerning use of sound system to excite the room. PM noted he had covered this, but maybe a separate section is needed ? Any comments please send to email group or pm directly and he will revise the text.
PM noted that he hoped to get 2 more sections finished this year, measurement of system noise and also STI measurement (At least a 2 page summary for this)

AES-X219: Method of measurement for frequency and impulse response of sound systems in auditoria
Project remains postponed, as per the 2015 NY meeting, until there is some output of X218


BO commented on the improvement in liaison with IEC. It was noted that a new version of 60268-16 - the STI standard (PM is chair) had been approved and is due out later this year

New Projects

No new projects were proposed.

New Business

No new business was proposed.

Consideration to be given to a further zoom meeting as this allows more participants to be involved and with better audio quality that at normal meetings.

The chair thanked all those present for attending and felt at last that some progress was being made and encouraged those participating to read the posted documents and provide constructive comment.

The next meeting will be held in New York, NY, US 2020-10, in conjunction with the AES 149th convention.

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