SC-02-02 meeting, Online, 2020-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-02 Working Group on Digital audio interfaces, held online, 2020-05-27.

Present were Paul Treleaven, Richard Cabot, Anthony Kuzub, Bruce Olson, Al Walker, Junichi Yoshio, Ed Simon, Philip Maness, Gen Ichimura, John Grant

The formal notice on patent policy was read.

The agenda was approved as written.

There had been one comment on the draft report of the previous meeting, held in New York, NY, USA, 2019-10-18, which was incorporated into the published version.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Open projects:

All projects in the main part of the agenda were reaffirmed in 2019, and there was no discussion of any of them. There was discussion of one project from the Annex:

Inactive projects:

AES-R8-R: Review of AES-R8-2015: AES standards project report - Synchronisation of digital audio over wide areas

The subject of this report is relevant to current work in SC-02-12 and SC-02-01. AES-R8 may need to be addressed to characterize timing variation in networked audio. It could be addressed by SC-02-01 from a measurement perspective. SC-02-12 can address it from the networking perspective. B Olson explained that Reports are no longer subject to revision but are considered to be a record of the state of the art at the time they were published. A new Report should be written; if it incorporates all the material in AES-R8 then AES-R8 will be withdrawn.


J Yoshio reported that IEC TC100 TA20 has sent a Liaison -- uploaded at -- setting out the current state of their projects. In particular IEC 60958-5 is now at the CDV stage; it provides a MADI-like service for consumer use, though it does not specify the physical layer.

Also, IEC 60958-4, which mirrors AES3, is due for review next year, and SC-02-02 are requested to provide input.

P Treleaven reported that SMPTE 2110-31 is to be revised following some minor issues with SDP (Session Description Protocol) discovered in interoperability tests.

A Kuzub reported that SC-05-05 would like to use Figure C.1 from AES3-4 in a project to standardise specifications of analogue signals in data sheets. E Simon suggested that it might discourage the misuse of low-capacitance cable specified as for "digital audio" for analogue.

New projects

No new projects were proposed.

New business

No new business was raised.

The next meeting will be held in New York, NY, US 2020-10, in conjunction with the AES 149th convention.

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