SC-02-01 meeting, Berlin, 2017-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-01 Working Group on Digital audio measurement techniques of the SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital audio, held in Berlin, Germany, 2017-05-21

The meeting was convened by chair J. Datta.

The agenda was approved as written.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Open Projects:

Review of AES17-2015: AES standard method for digital audio equipment - Measurement of digital audio equipment
Status: No action requested or required; now considered a passive project

Review of AES-12id-2006 (r2017): AES information document for digital audio measurements - Jitter performance specifications
Status: AES-12id-2006 reaffirmed 2017; now considered a passive project

Liaison with IEC TC100 PT 61606, Audio and audiovisual equipment - Digital audio parts - Basic measurement methods of audio characteristics
Status: remains active. Pending possible changes to IEC TC 100 (reported by liaison)

Audio ADC test method and performance specification for archiving and preservation applications
Status: Last draft posted in Oct 2015; chair to send out a request to progress to publication.


Liaisons with other groups were discussed in other projects, as reported above.

New Projects

No new projects were discussed.

New Business

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 143rd Convention in New York, USA, 2017-10.

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