Guides to standards development

The following guides are available to support members of working groups and the drafting of standards. Click on the heading to download the document.

  • Working group Internet communications (.pdf)
    This guide discusses the working group communication methods. It discusses e-mail, the private e-mail reflectors provided for each AESSC group, and the exchange of documents electronically through the AESSC secure document sites. It also discusses appropriate file formats for draft documents and file-name conventions.

  • Progressing of AES standards (.pdf)
    This is a brief guide to the steps required for the development of AES standards from conception to publication.

  • AES standards template (.dot)
    AES standards template (.dotx)
    This template document in MS Word '.dot' and ".dotx' formats provides a prepared set of paragraph styles and page layouts, and also contains information useful for practical standards writing. This template is updated from time to time; please make sure that you use the most recent.

  • Style for AES standards (.pdf)
    This guide presents some special requirements and some relevant excerpts from ISO/IEC directives to guide drafting of AES standards.

  • Guide for officers (.pdf)
    This practical guide for officers of the AESSC is under continuous review by the Steering Committee. The requirements for meeting reports has recently been clarified.

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