AES Standards data references

last updated 2009-04-29
  • Approved references for AES standards
    Currently approved resource locator, identifier, and format references for AES Standards.
  • Registered values for AES standards
    Some AES standards are intended to work in close association with other standards and protocols. In some cases they use registered values to identify the AES protocol unambiguously. This page summarises such values that may be registered with external bodies or through an internal AES registry.
  • AES7 test materials
    Annex 7 of AES7, Methods of Measurement of Recorded Flux of Magnetic Sound Records at Medium Wavelengths references suppliers of test materials needed to comply with the standard. AES does not endorse any supplier or guarantee performance of its products.
  • Calibration Disc Set for 78 rpm coarse-groove reproducers
    Recognising an international need for calibration tools, the AES Standards Working Group on Transfer Technologies (SC-03-02) initiated a project to calibrate playback equipment for coarse-groove 78 rpm records. The result is now available as a boxed set of two identical 12-inch vinyl calibration discs, catalogue number AES-S001-064. The two discs allow one to be used as a day-to-day working tool while the other may be preserved as a master reference.
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