Comments on DRAFT AES57-xxxx

last updated 2011-08-10

Comments to date on DRAFT AES57-xxxx, AES standard for audio metadata - Audio object structures for preservation and restoration ,
published 2011-03-18 for comment.

The comment period has closed. Resolution of some comments is in progress.

NOTE A large number of comments were received from a single commenter. It would not be practical to include all comments and responses in a single web page, and so they are organised into separate pages following the links below.

Comments received from Mr. I. Rudd, 2011-06-16

Reply from Mr. D. Ackerman, Chair SC-03-06, 2011-07-05

Reply from Mr. M. Yonge, AES standards secretary, 2011-07-07

Further comments received from Mr. I. Rudd, 2011-07-07,
with further reply from D. Ackerman, 2011-07-22, interleaved

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