Comments on DRAFT REVISED AES3-2-xxxx

last updated 2009-10-27

Comments to date on DRAFT REVISED AES3-2-xxxx, AES standard for digital audio - Digital input-output interfacing - Serial transmission format for two-channel linearly represented digital audio data Part 2: Metadata and Subcode ,
published 2009-09-30 for comment.

Comment received from P. Waddell, 2009-10-08

Comments on draft AES3 Part 2:

1. Within the body of the document, when referring to another Part of AES3, please capitalize "Part." This is both proper usage (the word is a part of the document title) AND minimizes confusion with the other uses of the word "part" which occur in the documents.

2. Scope: Please consider removing the phrase "... a recommended interface ..." and replacing it by "an interface" now that this document is clearly marked as a Standard. This phrase has resulted in confusion on the part of many readers over the years.

3. For non-numbered "NOTE" words should have a colon following. These are found in Sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3.3, 5.4, 5.5.9, 5.5.10, 6.2, and Annex A.

4. Annex A: The current version of SMPTE RP155 is 2004.

5. Annex A: Please expand the list of SMPTE standards:

SMPTE 337-2008, "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in an AES3 Serial Digital Audio Interface"
SMPTE 338-2008, "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 - Data Types"
SMPTE 339-2008, "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 - Generic Data Types"
SMPTE 340-2008, "Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 - ATSC A/52B Digital Audio Compression Standard for AC-3 and Enhanced AC-3 Data Types"

SMPTE 341M-2000 has been archived (which means it will not be maintained) and should not be listed.

You should also be aware that SMPTE is currently working on new standards for MPEG Audio in AES3, similar to SMPTE 340.

Once again, thanks for your work on this important Standard.

Pat Waddell

Reply by J. Grant, chair SC-02-02

Dear Mr Waddell,

As chair of SC-02-02, it falls to me to give a formal answer to your comments on draft AES3 Part 2. Referring to your numbered points:

1. We will change "part two" to "Part 2"

2. We will make that change.

3. We format our standards as specified in the IEC Directives Part 2. The IEC formatting does not include colons in this context.

4. Annex A: We will update the reference

5. Annex A: We will replace that paragraph with the four references you suggest.

Please reply by the end of the comment period if this reply is not acceptable to you. You may also ask us to consider your comments again for the next revision of the document. You may also appeal our decision to the Standards Secretariat.

John Grant

AES - Audio Engineering Society