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AES Standards requests expressions of interest in AES75


The AES75 standard, published in 2022, details a procedure for measuring maximum linear sound levels of a loudspeaker system or driver using a test signal called M-Noise. To measure maximum linear sound levels meaningfully and repeatably, a signal is required whose RMS and peak levels as functions of frequency have been shown to be representative of program material. M-Noise uniquely also features a relatively constant peak level as a function of frequency, so that the crest factor (peak level – RMS level) increases with frequency, which an analysis on a large variety of music and other content has revealed is an important additional characteristic of typical program material.

The AES SC-04-03-A task group is currently in the process of publicizing the standard and establishing a number of assets. One of these will be a webpage—dedicated to AES75—under the AES website. This page will also serve as a directory of individuals and organizations utilizing AES75.

In support of these efforts, the SC-04-03-A task group would like to know if any individuals or organizations are:

§ Using AES75 to specify maximum linear sound levels of products, or;

§ Supporting AES75-compliant measurements in measurement products or solutions, or;

§ Offering AES75-compliant measurement services.

If you or your organization is doing so, please contact the Standards Manager at the link below.


Contact the Standards Manager

Posted: Friday, February 3, 2023

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