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AES-21id: "Screen-less navigation for high-resolution audio on Blu-ray Disc" to be stabilized

BD players are designed to be used in conjunction with a video screen, and so screen-based visual feedback is assumed for operational control. Many audio users will still prefer the simplicity of CD operations and, in many consumer hi-fi systems, there will be no existing screen and the extra cost of providing a screen just to see the menu could make the high-resolution audio proposition impractical

It is possible, without making any changes to the BD player, to provide the necessary functionality for screen-less playback of high-resolution audio. The necessary functionality can be provided using programming that is included at the authoring stage of the disc.

The screen-less modes described in AES-21id are a function of programming during the disc mastering stage. They use the standard BD capabilities and do not seek to limit them in any way.

This document has been unchanged since its publication in 2011.  If you have input on revising or expanding this document please notify the Standards Manager.  If no input is received by 2022/12/31 it will be stabilized.

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Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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