AESSC: Group Scopes

[last updated 2021-04-06]



The scope of the SC-00 Subcommittee on stabilized standards shall include supervising the procedures for the maintenance of stabilised documents.

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The scope of the SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital Audio includes, transmission and recording of digital audio data for professional recording and broadcasting including any labeling and control data which accompanies the audio data.


The scope of the SC-02-01 Working Group on Digital Audio Measurements includes measurement methods for equipment used for the recording, reproduction, and transmission of digital audio signals within the scope of SC-02. It includes effects of perceptually based coding algorithms on audio signals within the scope of SC-02. It includes psychophysical and electrical analysis under all operational and listening conditions. It includes ranking of codecs and test methods to determine presence of coders or their proper operation.


The scope of the SC-02-02 Working Group on Digital Input-Output Interfaces includes synchronisation and the specification of configurations and operating limits for digital interfaces carrying audio, labeling, and control data within the scope of SC-02.


The scope of the SC-02-08 Working Group on Audio-File Transfer and Exchange includes, within the scope of SC-02, the specification, user implementation, and adoption of technologies for the exchange of audio data files and editing information among systems, by either transfer over a network or by exchange of physical media.


The scope of the SC-02-12 Working Group on Audio Applications of Networks includes, within the scope of SC-02, the use of various network types for audio and audio-related applications.

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The scope of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording includes test methods, practices, and specifications pertaining to the life expectancy and retrieval of audio information recorded on mechanical, optical and magnetic systems, including their respective media. It includes coordination with other organizations concerned with this scope and with those concerned with preservation and restoration of recorded images. [group closed 2011-11-14 following AESSC LB11093001]


The scope of the SC-03-06 Working Group on Digital Library and Archive Systems addresses, within the scope of SC-03, the application of digital technologies for media preservation and access. Among the topics covered are strategies for content conversion and migration, content integrity, methods of access and distribution, storage systems and media, formats for preservation and distribution, and metadata and documentation. The working group will take account of the work of other organizations in this and related fields, and will liaise and work in conjunction with them.


The scope of the SC-03-07 Working Group on Audio Metadata includes, within the scope of SC-03, the co-ordination and support of the metadata activities of other groups within the AESSC and harmonization with other bodies through working-group level liaisons and the preparation of related documents. It does not include preparation of documents covered in the scopes of other AESSC working groups, except where documents are required to provide co-ordination, overview, and structural requirements for carrying metadata across protocols.


The scope of the SC-03-12 Working Group on Forensic Audio includes methods for the evaluation of audio material for authenticity and for preparation of audio material for clarity when used as evidence for argument or litigation.

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The scope of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics includes the electroacoustic transduction of audio signals that are used in professional audio recording, reinforcement, and reproduction applications, the airborne propagation of such signals, and the measurement of such signals.


The scope of the SC-04-03 Working Group on Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement includes the specification, modeling, and measurement of the electromechanical and free-field radiation characteristics of loudspeakers, individually and in arrays, intended for propagation of audio signals within the scope of SC-04.


The scope of the SC-04-04 Working Group on Microphone Characteristics includes the specification, measurement, and description of the pressure and pressure gradient transduction characteristics in amplitude, time, phase, and spatial domains of microphones intended for the reception of audio signals within the scope of SC-04, individually and in arrays, with and without accessory response-modifying devices, and the interface, environmental, and compatibility characteristics of such microphones.


The scope of the SC-04-08 Working group on Measurement and Equalization of Sound Systems in Rooms includes the description, specification, measurement, and calibration of electroacoustic sound systems in rooms and the characteristics of sound presented to an audience.


This effort identifies practices for estimation of annoyance of man-made sounds in the presence of background sounds, for automotive/aircraft, consumer, professional and land use planning applications. It includes intentionally generated sounds such as music and sporting events, and unintentional sound such as transportation system noise. It is to include auditory masking, not only integrated sound pressure. It considers relative disturbance but does not set thresholds for acceptability. It does not consider health impacts of sound.

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The scope of the SC-05 Subcommittee on Interconnections shall include the usage, description, and designation of connectors for professional audio recording, reproduction, and reinforcement; and the wiring among such connectors and the circuits to which they connect.

It shall include the measurement of noise and interference produced by such interconnections and the polarities of analog audio transmitters, transducers, receivers, and wiring so interconnected. It shall also include the description of such interconnections. Such specifications shall be based, when applicable to their respective scopes, on the recommendations of other AESSC subcommittees. The scope of SC-05 shall not include the electrical characteristics of data interfaces and networks or the organization of the data structures therein. Its IEC liaison is SC 100C WG7.


The scope of the SC-05-02 Working Group on Audio Connectors shall include, within the bounds of the scope of SC-05, new usage, description, and contact designation for connectors for audio and ancillary functions.


The scope of the SC-05-05 Working Group on Grounding and Electromagnetic Compatibility Practices shall include, within the bounds of the scope of SC-05, all practices affecting usage and performance of audio hardware, with respect to the susceptibility of the signals it carries to effects such as noise and cross-talk due to the manner of its connection and construction, and the effects of its signals on other hardware and systems in its vicinity. It shall not set standards for personal safety with regard to such connections and construction, but shall keep safety considerations in mind in its recommendations.

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