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Past Event: AES SGS Research Colloquium #10: Recording for Spatial Audio and New Spatial Audio Instruments for Electronic Music & Production

October 19, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Location: Zoom virtual Meeting (5pm Central European Time / Germany time zone)

Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Frank Melchior, Banu Sahin

Speaker(s): Leon Hofmann, Jonas Kieser, Maurice Marvin Strobel

Reproducing the Auditory Width of Individual Acoustic Instruments in Immersive Audio Productions Using a Three-Channel Spot-Microphone Arrangement - Leon Hofmann & Maurice Strobel

This talk presents a coincident spot-microphone arrangement for recording acoustic instruments in the context of immersive audio productions. The developed technique enables reproduction of a single instrument with control of its auditory width in the horizontal and vertical dimension during post-production.

The geometrical arrangement as well as the required post-processing for immersive loudspeaker-based audio productions is discussed. A detailed analysis of the proposed microphone array is provided and a prototypical implementation of a decoding and panning tool will be demonstrated. The purpose of this tool is the intuitive adjustment of the spot-microphone’s signals as well as panning the resulting signals via amplitude panning within a 7+4 speaker layout.

Additionally, a recording of ten individual instruments and two singers with three spot-microphone positions each, was carried out in an anechoic chamber using the new method. The audio files and detailed documentation are provided online for evaluation and further research. An overview of this database as well as the initial findings gathered throughout mixing the 100+ track production for a 7+4 loudspeaker setup are given.

Object-Based Spatial Wavetable Synthesizer - Jonas Kieser

Spatial audio formats have made their way into popular music production. In current workflows, spatialization is mostly part of the post-production process. To unlock the full creative potential of spatial audio, the design of spatial attributes should be considered as part of the composition and sound design stage. One approach for the shift to the composers can be the integration of spatial audio into virtual instruments - for which there are currently hardly any examples. In this presentation, a prototype will be presented, that makes several proposals for the integration of spatial audio into a virtual wavetable synthesizer. The synthesizer generates object-based, format-agnostic spatial audio output with a variety of audio objects. Polyphonic voices and independent wavetable oscillators can be distributed to the audio objects and moved in space through parameters of the synthesis process.

The prototype was evaluated with experts from the fields of composition & sound design as well as post-production. The individual proposals of the implementation were predominantly evaluated positively and detailed feedback will be discussed in the presentation. It became clear that artistic research together with insights from psychoacoustics and innovative designs of virtual instruments are necessary to advance further developments in the field of sound synthesis and spatial audio.

The Presenters

Leon Hofmann - Stuttgart Media University

Leon Hofman is a 26 year old planning engineer for AV- and media technology installations in theaters and event locations. He received a Bachelor of Engineering in “Media and Acoustical Engineering” from the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and graduated from Stuttgart Media University with a Master of Engineering in “Audiovisual Media”. During his work at d&b audiotechnik and Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, he gathered experience in sound reinforcement, room acoustics and psychoacoustics as well as software development. Leon enjoys working as live sound engineer for musical productions and bands and is active as composer, musician and singer.


Jonas Kieser - Stuttgart Media UniversityBild - Jonas Kieser

Studies in ‘Audiovisual Media’ (M.Eng.) at Stuttgart Media University with a focus on spatial audio and creative media conception. Semester abroad at IEM (Graz) with a focus on advanced sound design methods. Before, studies in ‘Audiovisual Media ‘ (B.Eng.) with a focus on media production.
Gold Award at Student 3D-Audio Production Competition for HOA studio production ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’. Bronze Award at AES Saul Walker Design Competition for the design of a ‘Spatial wavetable synthesizer’. Gold Award ‘Sound Talent’ at CommAwards for ‘Der Stille Klang’, an immersive installation. Special Award at Deutscher Multimediapreis for research and design project ‘How does tomorrow sound?’.
Freelance concepter and audio engineer for Klangerfinder (Atelier for auditive communication) and De Falcon (Music experience agency).

Maurice Strobel - Stuttgart Media University

Maurice Strobel is Tonmeister at Staatstheater Stuttgart while freelancing as a musician, sound designer and sound engineer. He received a Bachelor of Arts in “Sound and Music Production” from University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt while specializing in theatre sound at Staatstheater Darmstadt. Currently Maurice is finishing his master’s degree in “Audiovisual Media” at Stuttgart Media University. His research focuses on 3D sound recording and post-production for film and music. Maurice is a passionate musician, composer and recording engineer.


Join Meeting

The colloquium will be held in English with two presentations of 30 minutes each, followed by a 30-minute discussion.

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87050489898?pwd=N3NqM3FoNzIzWnY3NjdZWFdidm0xdz09

Code: 125721

The Meeting Format: We will be hosting this meeting using Zoom. Please use the link to join the meeting room, no registration needed. For most participants, audio and video are muted during the presentation. In the discussion they can be unmuted (indicated by the raised hand function). This will be explained again at the beginning of the meeting. For a better quality we suggest to use a headset with microphone. The presentation will be recorded. By turning on your camera you are consenting for your image to be used in a photograph of the event.

Other Business: There will be an open discussion after the talk.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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