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AES Takes Game Audio Seriously: John Broomhall Keynote For 41st Int'l Audio For Games Conference

For Release: January 7, 2011

John Broomhall

LONDON: Michael Kelly, Chairman of the AES 41st International Audio For Games Conference has announced that leading audio director, consultant and content provider John Broomhall will present the Keynote address at 11:00AM on Thursday, Feb. 3.  The Conference will be held Feb. 2-4, at the prestigious BAFTA Headquarters, 195 Piccadilly, London.   

“John Broomhall is a highly accomplished creator and director of music and audio for videogames whose extensive credits include contributions to such global hits as the original X-COM series; Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon series; Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series; Superman, American Idol/Pop Idol, Wallace & Gromit (DVD game), Heavenly Sword and Guitar Hero DLC.  Broomhall chairs the BAFTA Audio Awards and sits on the BAFTA Videogames Committee.  In 2009 he was honored with the Game Audio Network Guild of America’s Recognition Award.  

Entitled “Perfect Partners And Unsung Heroes,” Broomhall’s AES presentation will explore the inextricable link between creativity and technology experienced over some twenty years in the business, underlining the vital contribution talented audio programmers make to the videogame soundtrack.

AES Managing Director Roger Furness reports that the 2nd annual Audio For Games Conference was designed to further the exploration of videogame productions’ seismic impact on the industry. “The considerable technical advances driven and inspired by videogame production coupled with the remarkable international sales which the sector continues to accrue, keep this topic of paramount importance to AES members.”

Among the key issues to be covered are:

Visualizing and Controlling Sound with Graphical Interfaces

Language Scrambling for In-Game Voice-Chat Applications

Songs2See: Learn to Play by Playing

GSound: Interactive Sound Propagation for Games

Audio Air Hockey: A Pilot Study in Using Audio- Based Games for the Measurement of Loudspeaker Placement Preferences for Smart Tables

Providing an Immersive Gaming Experience Using Wireless Low-Latency Coded Audio Streaming:

Music from the Environment: Perception of Music Created from Sounds of a Video Game Environment

Balancing Foundational, Aesthetic and Technical Education in Game Audio:


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Photo: AES 41st Int’l Conference On Audio For Games Keynote speaker, John Broomhall 


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