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Antoine van Kampen

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  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio

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  • Mixer
  • Producer


Antoine van Kampen is a semi-professional Dutch music producer, (live) musician, and mixing engineer. He graduated cum laude from Sound Education Nederland. His music spans different genres.

To facilitate his musical endeveours he has set up a well-equiped professional home studio that harbors a large range of keyboards and other studio equipment and software.

Recently, Antoine became more experienced in home studio acoustics including measuring studio sound characteristics, and treated his mixing room to improve the mixing process. He also has a general interest in the mathematics and physics of sound in relation to the mixing process.

Recently, he stopped with playing in live bands to fully focus on music production (composing, playing, mixing, and mastering). His skills and experience allows him to cover this complete trajectory in a unique and interactive fashion.

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