144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W02: Virtual Reality Audio: B-Format Processing

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W02

Wednesday, May 23, 10:00 — 11:30 (Lobby)

W02 - Virtual Reality Audio: B-Format Processing

Christof Faller, Illusonic GmbH - Uster, Z├╝rich, Switzerland; EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland
Svein Berge, Harpex Ltd - Berlin, Germany
Ben Sangbae Chon, Gaudio Lab, Inc. - Seoul, Korea
Ville Pulkki, Aalto University - Espoo, Finland
Oliver Thiergart, International Audio Laboratories Erlangen - Erlangen, Germany

B-Format has had a revival in recent years and has established itself as the audio format of choice for VR videos and content. Experts in signal processing and production tools are presenting and discussing latest innovations in B-Format processing. This includes processing on the recording and rendering side and B-Format post-production.

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