144th AES CONVENTION Immersive Audio for Reality or Virtual Reality—Does it Make a Difference?

AES Milan 2018

Saturday, May 26, 10:30 — 12:00 (Arena 3 & 4)

SE07 - Immersive Audio for Reality or Virtual Reality—Does it Make a Difference?

Daniel Deboy, DELTA Soundworks - Germany
Tom Ammermann, New Audio Technology GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
Felix Andriessens, Ton und Meister - Germany
Ana Monte, DELTA Soundworks - Germany
Tom Parnell, BBC Research & Development - Salford, UK
Martin Rieger, VRTONUNG - Germany
Agnieszka Roginska, New York University - New York, NY, USA
Christian Sander, Dear Reality GmbH - Germany
Christian Vaida, cvmusic film/ton - Germany; au3Dio

In this roundtable discussion we invite experts in the field of immersive audio production for music, cinema, and 360° film content to discuss similarities and differences regarding formats, workflows, and aesthetics. Channel and object based immersive audio systems as well as headphone virtualization using binaural rendering both are trending topics in audio production. With the rise of new applications like virtual reality, 3D audio in cinema, and home entertainment, compatibility for cross-platform distribution is more and more requested, yet engineers often are only familiar with either playback on loudspeaker arrays or binaural rendering. In this event we will try to settle a common ground for all production types and look at the different requirements, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

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