144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Daniel Deboy

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Daniel Deboy

Daniel Deboy

Primary Affiliation: DELTA Soundworks - Germany

Daniel Deboy is CEO and co-founder of DELTA Soundworks, a production company with focus on immersive audio for virtual reality and full-dome cinema. He holds a degree in sound engineering of the Graz University of Technology and was honoured for his fundamental research in the field of 3D sound recording and reproduction with the “Student Award” of the German Acoustical Society. Daniel won a gold, silver and bronze award at the AES student recording competition and has further trained his skills as a recording and mixing engineer at the facilities of the Alte Zigarrenfabrik in Sandhausen, Germany.

More Info: http://deltasoundworks.com

Session List

May 25: T18: The Sound Will Take a Lead in VR (Presenter)

May 25: W28: Mixing VR Being in VR (Presenter)

May 26: SE07: Immersive Audio for Reality or Virtual Reality—Does it Make a Difference? (Chair)

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