144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Martin Rieger

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Martin Rieger

Martin Rieger

Primary Affiliation: VRTONUNG - Germany

Martin Rieger has been specialized in cinematic virtual reality video productions and is one of the view freelancers who work fulltime in that specific field and wrote his master thesis about it.
With his studies of media technology and production, he has a good overview of state of the art technology, not only limited to the sound, which is what can give him advantages over classic sound engineers.

He has been working for varies feature films, documentaries and commercials as a production sound mixer, re-recording engineer and music composer.
This is where he realized 360-degree videos is exactly what he was looking for, small but stunning projects he can handle on his own, thus delivering the sound on vision from day one of shooting to the final delivery after taking care of post-production.

Martin has been to a great variety of VR-video productions such as a 360 documentaries in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand traveling with the team on motorbikes; working in knee-high snow for a freeride experience in Austria; and recently to accompany the EU at aid operations in Belgium, Denmark and Bangladesh.
Next to his freelance work, he has given lectures at the international masterclass of HFF on 360° sound, co-authored at the VDT-Magazin and working with LMU Munich to explore the great unknown effects of the virtual reality world.

More Info: https://www.vrtonung.de/en

Session List

May 26: SE07: Immersive Audio for Reality or Virtual Reality—Does it Make a Difference? (Panelist)

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