144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Andreas Hildebrand

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Andreas Hildebrand

Andreas Hildebrand

Primary Affiliation: ALC NetworX GmbH - Munich, Germany
AES Member Type: Member
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Andreas Hildebrand is acting as Senior Product Manager and Evangelist for the RAVENNA technology developed by ALC NetworX, Germany. His experience is based on more than 25 years of occupation within the Professional Audio / Broadcasting industry. He received a graduate diploma in computer science and worked as a software engineer and head of development for companies in Germany and the US for several years.
Later engagements included senior project management responsibilities for a news system implementation at CNN-SI / Atlanta and WNPR / Washington D.C. Before joining ALC NetworX, he was leading the Product Management at DAVID Systems, an internationally operating software company in the Professional Audio / Broadcast market. He is a full-time participant in the AES Task Group defining and maintaining the AES67 AoIP standard. He is also participating in the AIMS Technical WG and the SMPTE ST2110 SVIP standardization.

More Info: http://www.ravenna-network.com

Session List

May 23: T09: AES67 & ST2110 - An Overview (Presenter)

May 24: W12: AES67 Practical—A Guide on How to Setup AES67 Networks (Presenter)

May 25: W23: AES67 in Real World Applications (Presenter)

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