144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T09: AES67 & ST2110 - An Overview

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T09

Wednesday, May 23, 16:30 — 17:30 (Scala 2)


T09 - AES67 & ST2110 - An Overview

Andreas Hildebrand, ALC NetworX GmbH - Munich, Germany

In September 2017, the new ST2110 standard on "Professional Media over
Managed IP Networks" was published by SMPTE. What is ST2110 covering, how does it relate to AES67, and what is the practical impact to the audio industry? This tutorial describes the basic principles and the commonalities and differences of ST2110 & AES67 differences, and eludes on the constraints defined in ST2110 with respect to AES67. It also includes a brief outlook on how transport of non-linear audio formats (AES3) will be defined in ST2110.

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