144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W23: AES67 in Real World Applications

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W23

Friday, May 25, 11:00 — 12:00 (Scala 3)

W23 - AES67 in Real World Applications

Claudio Becker-Foss, DirectOut GmbH - Mittweida, Germany
Andreas Hildebrand, ALC NetworX GmbH - Munich, Germany
Nicolas Sturmel, Merging Technologies - Puidoux, Switzerland

Since the publication of AES67 and its recent adoption by the ST 2110 media over IP standard, we see a growing number of installations and studio built around this standard. This workshop and Q&A session will focus on practical aspects of using AES67 and ST 2110-30 in the field: what are the benefits of using AES67? What are the difficulties? What should I do / not do, when configuring my network? Panelists experienced in real-world applications will provide valuable insights and share opinions on the importance of AES67 and its role as part of ST 2110 for the wider broadcast market.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems

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