AES New York 2015
Game Audio Track Event G4

Thursday, October 29, 5:15 pm — 6:15 pm (S-Foyer 1)

Game Audio: G4 - Audio Shorts/Posters

Alexis Brandow, Creative Director and Owner of Amorse Inc. - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Damien DiFede, Gameplay Programmer, Kokoromi
Garrett Nantz, Luxurious Animals - New York, NY, USA
Matt Piersall, New School Beast Handler, Gl33k - Austin, TX, USA

Immediately following Audio Shorts: Indie Edition, walk over to the Posters area to see short demonstrations from each of the presenters. As in the Shorts format, each presenter only get 20 minutes. Think of this as a lab class where can get a hands on demo of what you just saw in class.

Shorty #1: Audio Driven Design: The Cosmic DJ Workflow: Typically audio is the last thing in the pipeline for most games. Cosmic DJ took the opposite approach. During the development of Cosmic DJ the team relied on audio to be created first to drive design. That workflow lead the team to create toolsets that were completely based on music sequencing, giving the entire experience a natural musical feel.

Shorty #2: Notespace Beat Audio Games Demo: A Notespace team member will be demoing midi games from Notespace Beat. The Orbitron game will show how we mixed a midi track with a background soundtrack. The Synthball game will show how we determined a correct key stroke and the way we ultimately decided to time it with the background music. The Do tempo game, will further illustrate the timing solutions we used with midi.

Shorty #3: Web Sound Insights: The Audio Shorts session for Breaking the Gaming 3D Sound Barrier will give individuals an opportunity to experience the Lux Ahoy and Feisty Galaxies web games first hand while getting a chance to ask Garrett Nantz specific questions about how the 3D and Dolby audio segments were created.

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