AES New York 2015
Game Audio Track Event G3

Thursday, October 29, 3:30 pm — 5:00 pm (Room 1A12)

Game Audio: G3 - Audio Shorts: Indie Edition

Alexis Brandow, Creative Director and Owner of Amorse Inc. - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Damien DiFede, Gameplay Programmer, Kokoromi
Garrett Nantz, Luxurious Animals - New York, NY, USA
Matt Piersall, New School Beast Handler, Gl33k - Austin, TX, USA

Big games from little studios. Three presenters get only 30 minutes each to serve up an in-depth look at topics in game audio tech that matter most to them. Q&A to follow.

Shorty #1: The All Music Game: Inside the Tech and Design of Cosmic DJ This talk delves in to the tech and design challenges of developing a music creation game. It's a peek behind the curtain of the custom code and tools written that allowed players the ability to create their own music within our rule-set. The talk delves into the audio side of creating the content as well as the "jam-responses" and metronome system used to drive the entire game experience from the players musical input. In addition the talk will take a look inside the generative final music creator that allowed players to export their songs and share them. Matt Piersall, Dmien Di Fede

Shorty #2: Adventures with Midi in Audio Game Development
When making audio games the big challenge is crunching down large audio sizes to keep file sizes manageable. The Notespace team used midi solutions on various games within our musical activity book, Notespace Beat, to address this problem. In this conversation we would like to share with you the challenges and advantages we found in implementing Midi technology. We also would like to address briefly some recommendations based on our experience for recording and sharing audio across PC and iOS mobile platforms. Alexis Brandow

Shorty #3: Breaking the 3D Sound Barrier
Until recently, recreating three dimensional audio on the web has been a difficult and limiting task. With modern browsers finally supporting more robust audio systems, web audio can finally rival sound experiences traditionally found only on desktop and mobile apps. Using the award-winning Lux Ahoy and Feisty Galaxies games, we will take a behind the scenes look at the process for creating audio for browser-based games using the Dolby Digital Plus E-AC-3 codec and the Web Audio API. Topics covered will include how to create and encode surround sound and video for the web, methods for your audience to hear 3D sound, stereo audio fallback support, tricks and techniques, creating memorable sound effects, audio loop creation, and music sourcing.

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