AES New York 2015
Game Audio Track Event G10

Sunday, November 1, 9:00 am — 10:00 am (Room 1A22)


Game Audio: G10 - Virtual Reality 3D Audio - State of the Art & Vision of the Near Future

Edgar Choueiri, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ, USA

Starting with a brief review of the three main methods for 3-D sound reproduction over loudspeakers: (1) Wave Field Synthesis, (2) Ambisonics, and (3) Binaural audio through two loudspeakers (BAL), we focus on recent advances with the third method. I will show that crosstalk cancellation (XTC) allows BAL to deliver to the listener the necessary cues for real 3-D audio but that it inherently imposes an intolerably high spectral coloration on the audio. I will describe recent breakthroughs, which allow producing optimized XTC filters that impose no spectral coloration. I will then discuss the two other problems that have retarded the commercialization of XTC: the fixed and single sweet spot problems. I will show how the first problem is solved through advanced head tracking; and the second problem is solved using head tracking and phased array speakers, allowing the delivery of high-spatial-fidelity 3D audio to multiple moving listeners in real listening rooms. Following the talk, there will be a demo with playback of recorded music and natural sounds.

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