AES New York 2015
Paper Session P12

Friday, October 30, 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm (Room 1A07)

Paper Session: P12 - Game Audio

Michael Kelly, DTS, Inc. - London, UK

P12-1 Real-Time Morphing of Impact SoundsSadjad Siddiq, Square Enix Co., Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan
This paper introduces an algorithm to morph between two or more sounds, which can be used to synthesize new sounds in real-time whose features lie between the tone color, amplitude envelope, pitch, and length of the source sounds. It is used to increase variation of commonly used impact sounds in video games, but the algorithm can also be applied to other sound types like instrument sounds. Morphing of the tone color is achieved by shifting formants in the frequency spectrum of one sound toward the frequencies of the corresponding formants in the other sounds. Corresponding formants are found automatically by pairing frequency regions of equal normalized cumulative energy. Morphing of the temporal structure is achieved by aligning those frames of all sounds that have equal normalized cumulative amplitude. A link to samples is provided.
Convention Paper 9407 (Purchase now)

P12-2 Using Pure Data as a Game Audio EngineLeonard J. Paul, School of Video Game Audio - Vancouver, Canada
Recent improvements in the Pure Data (Pd) library library code (libpd) and significant run-time improvements using the Heavy compiler have made Pd more viable as a free audio engine for use in video games. Open source projects are now available to help speed the process of integrating Pd into the popular Unity game and create new possibilities for the use of Pd by game studios with limited budgets and for educational purposes as well. Details on best practices on the use of Pd for audio in video games are outlined in this paper.
Convention Paper 9408 (Purchase now)

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