AES San Francisco 2012
Sound for Picture Session SP2

Saturday, October 27, 11:00 am — 1:00 pm (Room 130)

SP2 - Reconsidering Standards for Cinema Sound—Alternatives to ISO 2969

Brian McCarty, Coral Sea Studios Pty. Ltd - Clifton Beach, QLD, Australia
Keith Holland, University of Southampton - Southampton, UK
Floyd Toole, Acoustical consultant to Harman, ex. Harman VP Acoustical Engineering - Oak Park, CA, USA

For over eighty years ISO 2969 (aka SMPTE S202) has been a cornerstone of the film sound reproduction "B-Chain." Like the RIAA curve, it was originally implemented to compensate for defects in the delivery medium. Groundbreaking acoustical research, led by Philip Newell and Dr. Keith Holland, has exposed shortcomings in the standard as well as the testing methodology used in the standard. This panel will examine the implications of these standards as film rapidly shifts to Digital Cinema delivery, as mixing rooms being used become smaller and as full bandwidth soundtracks and newer formats like 3-D audio are now delivered to theaters for reproduction.

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