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Thank you for your interest in hosting an Audio Industry Seminar. Audio Industry Seminars are identical to the previous Exhibitor Seminars with the exception that non-exhibiting companies are now encouraged to participate. This valuable feature of an AES Convention gives a company the ability to explore and present an in-depth technical explanation of the development, features and use of their product(s) and technology. Many in the past have utilized this program to better explain and educate potential clients in a way that is not possible on the exhibition floor. These seminars typically targeted to applications, education and training. It is assumed that some level of sales presentation will be included in these sessions, though presenters are encouraged to limit sales promotions. These sessions are a component of the exhibition and free to all attendees.

For non-exhibitors, the pricing for the initial 50min session is equivalent to the cost of a 10x10 exhibition space. Incremental pricing for longer sessions and additional sessions are available at the exhibitor rates. Each session includes an additional ten minutes for set-up and transition to the next session. Additional set-up time is available by registering for a longer session.

   Session Length      Exhibitors      Non-Exhibitors   
50 minutes$500$2600
80 minutes$750$2850
110 minutes$1000$3100
140 minutes$1250$3350

The seminar fee includes:
• Rental of the room with standard conference audio equipment and a podium with microphone and a video projector for connection to presenter's own laptop computer. The audio equipment includes a stereo input for your demonstration equipment or laptop, plus powered speakers and a small mixer for setting levels. (No operator is included to operate the mixer)
• Seating for approximately 50 attendees
• Publication of your seminar abstract in the:
       • Seminar program booklet
       • Track Brochures where appropriate
       • The AES website and Mobile App
Presenters are given the opportunity to select a preferred session time, though the final allocation of time slots will be done in such a way that the seminar program and the convention program complement each other.

The AES is not liable or responsible for the content or claims made by individual presenter or company.

The registration deadline is Friday, September 7, 2012.

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All seminars must comply with the JAES Publication Policy.

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