AES London 2011
Workshop W6

Saturday, May 14, 15:15 — 16:15 (Room 3)

W6 - Bounce to App

Michael Hlatky
Jörn Loviscach, Fachhochschule Bielefeld (University of Applied Sciences) - Bielefeld, Germany
Martin MacMillian, Bounce Mobile
Martin Roth, RjDJ

Recorded music used to be a lean-back experience, but mobile devices have changed the game: Applications such as interactive 360-degree music videos begin to leverage the nonclassical man-machine interfaces of these devices—cameras, accelerometers, and GPS receivers—and employ their always-connectedness to access social music recommendation sites or music analysis and synthesis Web services. So far, the soundtracks of these apps have been produced from the final mixes. Can there be a better integration of audio production and the development of interactive music applications? What would that mean in terms of workflow and user interfaces? The issues that arise in this context are markedly different from those arising in the production of full-scale video games.

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