AES London 2011
Workshop W1

Friday, May 13, 10:30 — 12:30 (Room 5)

W1 - Music and Semantic Web

David De Roure, University of Oxford
Yves Raimond, BBC
David Bretherton, Southampton University
Gregg Kellogg, Connected Media Experience
Alexandre Passant, Seevl
Evan Stein, Decibel

This workshop will provide an inter-disciplinary forum to explore and promote the combination of music and Semantic Web technologies—specifically, to develop an understanding of how Semantic Web technologies can contribute to the growth of music-related data on the Web, as well as applications of this data. Activities in this area are becoming well established, driven by projects in both research and industry, and they span personal applications together with all aspects of the creation, management, discovery, delivery and analysis of musical content. The ambitions of this inaugural workshop are to bring together this emerging and energetic community, to share information and practice, and especially to articulate the research agenda in Music and the Semantic Web. Through this we aim to facilitate innovation, inform Semantic Web research, and establish the basis and momentum for future events.

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