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May 18, 2012 - Denver & Chicago Conference Reminders, Call for Reviewers, Trends Report, Job Board Update, New Journal

Table of Contents

  1. Audio Forensics Conference in Denver - June 14-16
  2. Music Induced Hearing Disorders Conference in Chicago - June 20-22
  3. 133rd Convention Call for Reviewers
  4. Technical Council Trends Report Published
  5. Author Note: 133rd Convention Papers Deadline
  6. Job Board Update
  7. AES Journal April Issue Now Available

Audio Forensics Conference in Denver - June 14-16

AES 46th Conference

AES 46th Conference - Audio Forensics
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Dates: June 14-16, 2012

The AES 46th International Conference is dedicated to exploring advances in the field of Audio Forensics by providing a platform for research related to the forensic application of speech/signal processing, acoustical analyses, audio authentication, and the examination of methodologies and best practices. A special focus will be made on the practice of audio forensics as a whole of its parts: the recording, recovery, analysis, and interpretation of audio evidence.

You can register for the conference after reading about the various events we have planned.

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Music Induced Hearing Disorders Conference in Chicago - June 20-22

AES 47th Conference

AES 47th Conference - Music Induced Hearing Disorders
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Dates: June 20-22, 2012

With the advent and omnipresence of portable listening devices and louder sound systems for live sound reproduction, the interest in music-induced hearing disorders and their measurement and prevention is global. This conference will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of state-of-the-art hearing loss prevention strategies and devices as they relate to music production and reproduction.

Our website has many more details and a quick registration process.

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AES 133rd Convention

133rd Convention Call for Reviewers

AES 133rd Convention - AES San Francisco 2012
Additional expert reviewers needed for peer-reviewed AES convention papers.

Authors proposing papers for the AES 133rd Convention have the option of proposing full manuscripts (papers of 4–10 pages in length are encouraged) for peer review, rather than only title, abstract, and précis. These fully-reviewed papers will be more time-consuming for the reviewers, which creates the need for an increase in the pool of expert reviewers with knowledge of the diverse fields of research.

Reviewers should have significant academic or practical experience, must have or be actively pursuing a graduate degree or have significant work experience in the industry, and must have a track record of scientific or technical publications.

If you'd specifically like to assist with the 133rd Convention then the deadline for applying is June 1st.

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Technical Council Trends Report Published

Technical Committees are centers of technical expertise within the AES. Coordinated by the AES Technical Council, these committees track trends in audio in order to recommend to the Society papers, workshops, tutorials, master classes, standards, projects, publications, conferences, and awards in their fields. The Technical Council serves the role of the CTO for the society. Currently there are 23 such groups of specialists within the council. Each consists of members from diverse backgrounds, countries, companies, and interests. The committees strive to foster wide-ranging points of view and approaches to technology. Please visit our website to learn more about the activities of each committee and to inquire about membership.

One of the functions of the Technical Council and its committees is to track new, important research and technology trends in audio and report them to the Board of Governors and the Society’s membership. This information helps the governing bodies of the AES to focus on items of high priority. Supplying this information puts our technical expertise to a greater use for the Society. In our trends report you will find an edited compilation of the reports recently provided by many of the Technical Committees.

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Author Note: 133rd Convention Papers Deadline

AES 133rd Convention

Please note that the deadline for submitting paper proposals for the 133rd Convention in San Francisco is quickly approaching. Proposals (or full papers for peer review) must be submitted by May 23rd using the paper proposal website.

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Job Board Update

Job Board Update

The AES Job Board is where audio companies post their latest job openings. As an AES member you receive notifications of the most recent postings here:

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AES Journal April Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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