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November 6, 2009 - Election Results, AES Credit Card, New Journal

Table of Contents

  1. 2009 Election Results
  2. AES Branded Credit Card for U.S. AES Members
  3. AES Journal October Issue Now Available

2009 Election Results

Jim Kaiser

Our Board of Tellers recently announced the results of the AES election, and we can now welcome our new 2009-2010 officers:

President Elect:     James A. (Jim) Kaiser (pictured right)

Vice President Central US and Canada:     Frank Wells

Vice President Central Europe:     Bozena Kostek

Vice President Latin America:     Joel Vieira De Brito

Vice President International:     Kimio Hamasaki

Governors: David Josephson, David Murphy, and Agnieszka Roginska

These new officers join our current Board members Diemer de Vries (President), Jim Anderson (Past President), Bob Lee (Secretary), Garry Margolis (Treasurer), Peter G. Cook (VP), Sean Olive (VP), Antonio Oliveira (VP), Jan Pedersen (VP), Durand Begault (Governor), David Bowles (Governor), Michael Fleming (Governor), Bob Moses (Governor), and Wieslaw Woszczyk (Governor). Our members also approved two bylaw changes which you can read about in the Member Portal under AES E-News.

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AES Branded Credit Card for U.S. AES Members

AES Credit Card

Show your support with every purchase you make!

Apply for the Audio Engineering Society credit card. Donate to our cause with your everyday purchases. This helps to support the AES's Educational, Technical and Standards activities. The AES will earn $25 with your first purchase and then 1% on all future purchases. Currently only available to AES supporters in the United States. Credit approval required. Apply today!

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AES Journal October Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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* Join the online discussion of Journal papers and articles!