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Dereveberation Collection by Scott Dorsey

Created: September 11, 2015

In contrast to artificial reverberation which is among the oldest signal processing tools used by the engineer, reverberation removal is one of the newest and the fundamentals of the technology are still being developed. Basic discoveries are still being made today and that makes this an exciting field to study.

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Comparison of Dereverberation Techniques for Videoconferencing Applications
Paper 4231; AES Convention 100; May 1996
Mahieux, Yannick; Marro, C.

This 1996 conference paper describes early attempts to deconvolve the acoustic path to eliminate room effects in a known and measured room.

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A New Method Based on Spectral Subtraction for the Suppression of Late Reverberation from Speech Signals
Paper 4764; AES Convention 105; September 1998
Lebart, K.; Boucher, J. M.; Denbigh, P. N.

In 1998, folks from the University of Sussex first worked up an algorithm to blindly separate reverberation from direct signal.

# 3

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Computationally Efficient Blind Dereverberation of Audio Signals
Paper 6214; AES Convention 117; October 2004
Huang, Hesu; Kyriakakis, Chris

This 2004 conference paper described what is possibly the first practical blind dereverberation algorithm.

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Errors in Real-Time Room Acoustics Dereverberation
JAES Volume 52 Issue 9 pp. 883-899; September 2004
Hatziantoniou, Panagiotis D.; Mourjopoulos, John N.

This 2004 AES paper establishes the difficulty of the dereverberation problem and the added difficulty from trying to perform the process in realtime.

# 5

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A New Audio Postproduction Tool for Speech Dereverberation
Paper 7615; AES Convention 125; October 2008
Kinoshita, Keisuke; Nakatani, Tomohiro; Miyoshi, Masato; Kubota, Toshiyuki

One of the first actual practical systems from 2008.

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Improved Speech Dereverberation Method Using the Kurtosis-Maximization with the Voiced/Unvoiced/Silence Classification
Paper 7894; AES Convention 127; October 2009
Jeong, Jae-Woong; Se-Woon, Jeon; Park, Young-Cheol; Lee, Seok-Pil; Youn, Dae-hee

In 2009, a project at Yonsei University proposed a greatly improved adaptation algorithm.

# 7

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About This Dereverberation Business: A Method for Extracting Reverberation from Audio Signals
Paper 8253; AES Convention 129; November 2010
Soulodre, Gilbert A.

In 2010, Camden Labs describes a practical system.

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