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Loudness Management in the Blu-ray Disc Ecosystem in the Context of Today's Playback Environments

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Loudness management within the Blu-ray Disc ecosystem has historically been less of a priority than in other media playback ecosystems. Instead, the industry has focused on delivering the highest fidelity and full dynamic range audio. As a result, the measured loudness of the content on Blu-ray Disc is generally not accurately indicated in the audio bitstreams carried on Blu-ray discs. However, as more use-cases emerge to connect Blu-ray Disc players to playback environments with limited dynamic range reproduction capabilities (such as TVs or Sound bars), loudness management is becoming more important to ensure optimal playback for these new device types. This brief explains the value of loudness management in the Blu-ray Disc ecosystem to address new playback environments and gives example workflows for correctly setting loudness values in audio bitstreams delivered on Blu-ray Disc.

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