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Object-Based Reverberation for Spatial Audio

To enable future audio systems to be more immersive, interactive, and easily accessible, object-based frameworks are currently being explored as a means to that ends. In object-based audio, a scene is composed of a number of objects, each comprising audio content and metadata. The metadata is interpreted by a renderer, which creates the audio to be sent to each loudspeaker with knowledge of the speci?c target reproduction system. While recent standardization activities provide recommendations for object formats, the method for capturing and reproducing reverberation is still open. This research presents a parametric approach for capturing, representing, editing, and rendering reverberation over a 3D spatial audio system. A Reverberant Spatial Audio Object (RSAO) allows for an object to synthesize the required reverberation. An example illustrates a RSAO framework with listening tests that show how the approach correctly retains the room size and source distance. An agnostic rendering can be used to alter listener envelopment. Editing the parameters can also be used to alter the perceived room size and source distance; greater envelopment can be achieved with the appropriate reproduction system.

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JAES Volume 65 Issue 1/2 pp. 66-77; January 2017
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