57th Conference — Program

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v1.9   3rd March 2015 

Time Friday 6th March Saturday 7th March Sunday 8th March

On-site registration

On-site registration

On-site registration


Welcome: Brian McCarty, AES Technical Committee Sound for Digital Cinema and Television, Conference Co-Chair

KeynoteAcoustics for the theater and home—moving forward on a foundation of common acoustical science.
Floyd Toole

Predicting In-Room Response from Anechoic Loudspeaker Data (Gedemer)
Audibility of Comb-Filtering Due to Cinema Screens (Holland, Newell, et al.)
Electro-acoustic measurements on cinema B chains in Australia (Murphy, Krix)
Equalising Effects of Perforated Movie Screens and the Future (Leembruggen)


Low Frequency Issues: Cinema/Home/Internet
Anthony Grimani, MSR Inc.
Manny LaCarrubba, Sausalito Audio 
Glenn Leembruggen, Acoustic Directions Pty. Ltd., Sydney University



Loudness Wars at the Cinema—Noise-Induced Hearing Impairment and Getting Our Dynamic Range Back.
Robert T. Sataloff, M.D., D.M.A. Professor & Chairman, Department of
Otolaryngology (Drexel University College of Medicine)
Eelco Grimm, Grimm Audio, Utrecht, Netherlands

Dynamics and LF Ratio in Popular Music Recordings since 1965 (Oehler, et al.)

Opportunities and Challenges in The Transition to Streamed Delivery of Audio Content.
Roger Charlesworth, DTV Audio Group, Chair
Sean Richardson, Starz Entertainment
Jeff Riedmiller, Dolby Laboratories
Jeff Dean, Meridian Audio Ltd.
Tim Carroll, Telos Alliance

Adaptive Audio Reproduction Using Personalised Compression
Auditory Distance Perception with Static and Dynamic Binaural Rendering (Kearney)
Using a Binaural Spatialization Tool in Current Sound Post-Production and Broadcast Workflow (Bezard, et al.)

Immersive audio—status and challenges.
Francis Rumsey, Chair, Immersive audio day

Properties of Large-Scale Sound Field Synthesis (Ahrens, et al.)
nouvOson: Public Radio Distribution of Immersive Audio (Radio France)
Producing 3D Audio in Ambisonics (Frank, et al.)

Cinema Immersive Audio Delivery Standards
Co-Sponsored by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture &
Television Engineers)
Brian Vessa, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Chair
Ton Kalker, DTS
Bert Van Daele, Auro Technologies
Charles Robinson, Dolby Laboratories
Brian Claypool, Barco

Immersive audio demonstrations



Enhanced LF Sound Reproduction in Cinemas (Hill, et al.)
Considerations for the Generation and Measurement of Low Frequency Effects in Cinema Rooms (Newell, Holland)

Speech and Dialog Intelligibility in Audio Entertainment—
“Great Picture – Pity about the Dialog”

Peter Mapp, Peter Mapp Associates, Chair
David L. Smith, Bose Corp.
Microphone Representative TBA
Kurt Graffy, Arup Engineering
Lon Bender, Hearing is Precious


KeynoteProduction of audio for the future. 
Louis Hernandez, Chairman and CEO, Avid Technologies, Inc.

Headphones: Design, Subjective/Objective Performance and Entertainment Content Production 
Robert Schulein, RBS Consultants, Chair
Tom Ammermann, New Audio Technology GmbH
Todd Welti, Harman International
Martin Walsh, DTS
Tad Rollow, Sennheiser

(For more details see the PDF program download.)

Headphone Demonstrations Supported by Conference Sponsor Sennheiser Electronic Corp.

Applications and Challenges of Object-Based Broadcasting
Frank Melchior, BBC Research & Development, Presenter & Chair
Nuno Fonseca, Polytechnic Institute of Leira, Portugal (Sound Design Using Particles Systems and Virtual Microphones)

Description of an Object-Based Workflow for Media Productions (Ruiz, et al.)
Using Audio Objects and Spatial Audio in Sports Broadcasting (Scuda, et al.)

Does Stereoscopy Change our Perception of Soundtracks? (Hendricks)
Localization of Audio Objects in Multi-Channel Reproduction Systems (Sporer)
Next Generation Surround Decoding and Upmixing for Consumer and Professional Applications (Vinton, et al.)

Integrating object-, scene-, and channel-based immersive audio for delivery to the home.
Schuyler Quackenbush, MPEG-H
Jean-Marc Jot, DTS
Brett Crockett, Dolby Labs
Wilfried van Baelen, Auro Technologies

How to Make Big Small—Can We Really Bring Immersive Sound to the Home?    
Frank Melchior, BBC R&D. Where should we draw the line? The baseline renderer and why it is essential for the success of next generation audio.
Brian Vessa, Sony Pictures Entertainment.  Translating immersive cinema mixes to the home: challenges and compromises for the studio.
Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov. Engineering a home cinema processor to handle immersive audio.

Summary of weekend and future action items

Brian McCarty, Sean Olive, Francis Rumsey


Evening Reception – Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Optional Tour – Universal Studios (registered delegates will be contacted to book.) Conference closes


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