Information for presenters

Oral presentations

To ensure that your presentation at the AES 55th Conference on Spatial Audio goes as smoothly as possible, we’d like to inform you of the following technical requirements.

There will be a Macbook Pro computer available for your presentation. It has both OSX and Windows 7 operating systems. OSX has Microsoft Office 2011 and Apple Keynote. Windows 7 has Microsoft Office. There is also a wireless remote for PowerPoint/Keynote. We recommend using this machine if possible to simplify the process of tying in to our projection- and soundsystems. There will be a technician present to help you with the computer/remote if necessary.

If you want to use our own computer (etc. your presentation uses special software or similar), it needs to have either a VGA or HDMI output (bring your own videoadapters if necessary) and support either 720p50/60 or 1080i50/60 resolutions. Sound is connected via a 3,5mm stereoplug (other options available by request). Please be aware that when using your own computer, you are responsible for the compatibility of your laptop with our presentation system.

There is Internet connectivity in the hall. Either via WLAN (“Musiikkitalo Free”) or a wired connection in the presentation desk. If you need fast connections for etc. streaming, please let the organizers know in advance.

When using our computer, please send us your presentation in advance or bring it to the AV-technician before the start of the session on a USB-stick. This way the technician can check in advance that it works properly.

The recommended format for your presentation is PowerPoint/Keynote. All media files should be embedded in the presentation file (ie. no links to media files).

Speech reinforcement is available either via gooseneck or wireless microphones (when necessary). We prefer headsets or handheld mics over lavaliers. When using wireless microphones, the technician will assist you when necessary.

Poster presentations

There will be a 'fast-forward' session before the actual poster session. In that, each presenter is given one minute time slot to promote their work and attract people to see the actual poster. You can have one slide to support your presentation. Please, send that slide (in .pptx or .ppt format) to the conference chair ([email protected]) before the conference starts.

The posters will be attached to stands that fit A0 (portrait) posters. Please, feel free to make your poster as fancy looking as you can! If you need a table, electicity, or something else additional at your poster, please, contact us beforehand!

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