AES 44th Conference: Overview


Recent advances in networking technology and the availability of high-bandwidth connectivity have made audio networking a rapidly growing area in the AES. Increasingly, broadcasters connect with remote correspondents and audiences via the Internet, audio installations communicate in-house and with distant collaborators using LANs or WANs, businesses hold intercontinental meetings via high-definition video conferencing systems, and musicians perform together over thousands of miles in distributed concerts. This three-day conference would be the largest conference devoted to audio networking yet held, and the first AES International Conference devoted to the topic. In addition to the above topics, the conference will address compression for streaming audio, distributed teaching, networked audio for cinema post-production, and audio archiving and preservation. We see this conference as a major forum for academic and social interaction among the many parties interested in audio networking.

The target audience will consist of: researchers, teleconferencing experts, synchronous LAN studio installation developers, musicians interested in distributed performance, developers of streaming audio codecs, developers of audio for online gaming systems, post-production industry members interested in remote collaboration, etc. 

The format of the conference will be 20-30 technical papers, all reviewed; 1-2 invited speakers; 2-3 panel discussions; 2-3 major demonstrations of new networking technology. These demonstrations will leverage the extremely high-level networking facilities of host institution CalIT2, part of UC San Diego, and will showcase cutting-edge media networking. 


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