Panel 3


Panel Discussion: Future Directions for Audio Networking

Nathan Brock (UC San Diego), session chair

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2:30pm, CalIT2 Auditorium


2:30. Introduction


2:35. Lee Minich, AVnu Alliance: AVB

Audio Video Bridging (AVB) is the evolution of Ethernet, augmenting the 802.1 standards such the infrastructure is "media friendly" which decreases the complexity of installing and maintaining networked media systems, while simultaneously increasing the robustness and ease of use of such systems.


2:55. Kevin Gross, AVA Networks: Interoperability

This discussion will cover three flavors of media network interoperability: single-sourced, open standards, and interoperability standard based on existing open standards. The last will lead into a presentation on X192 detailing its scope, vision and current status.


3:15. John Grant, Nine Tiles: Future Networks (via telepresence)

Both ITU-T SG13 and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 are working towards standards that will provide a better service for live media than Internet Protocol is able to, and without needing skilled network management; they expect them to be deployed in the Internet over the timeframe 2015-2020. This presentation outlines the main features the new service is likely to have, and the migration path from current technology.


3:35. Nathan Brock, UC San Diego: Emerging Use Cases for WAN-Networked Audio

High-bandwidth managed networks are increasingly available to academic and industrial clients. A number of use cases are emerging taking advantage of these networks for the streaming of uncompressed audio over long distances. This discussion will touch on the potential impact of such networks on cinema production, musical performance, media archiving, and distance collaboration. 


3:55. Q&A

4:00. End of session



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