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The conference will take place at the Campus of the Technical University, Ilmenau. As can be seen on the map below, Ilmenau is located approximately  270 km east of Frankfurt,  330 km south of Berlin,  360 km north of Munich and  250km west of Dresden.


a schematic map of the location of ilmenau inside germany


Two recommended travel directions are detailed here: 


Flight Destination

Daily arrivals from

Onward journey

Frankfurt am Main Airport


Amsterdam (9x)

Madrid (8x)

Copenhagen (7x)

Stockholm (6x)

Lisboa (6x)

Oslo (6x)

London (6x)

Chicago (5x)

Luxemburg (4x)

Geneva (4x)

New York (3x)

Washington (3x)

Boston (2x)

Calgary (2x)

Sao Paulo



Trains from Frankfurt Airport to Erfurt leave every hour from Frankfurt Airport Trainstation. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Erfurt.

In Erfurt, a local train to Ilmenau leaves hourly. It takes 1 hour to get to Ilmenau. Please note that this train is operated by two private railway companies (Süd-Thüringen-Bahn, Erfurter Bahn), but can be used with standard tickets bought from Deutsche Bahn. The trains look quite distinct, please make sure to take a seat in the coach that shows 'Ilmenau' on its electronic display.

Please use the online train schedule to find the most suitable train for you: Deutsche Bahn



Alternatively, a shared taxi service can be arranged, by taxi it takes 30 minutes to get to Ilmenau

Nuremberg Airport


Paris (3x)

Vienna (3x)

London (2x)






Rental Car by AVIS is recommended.


Via Autobahn A73 and A71 it takes 2 hours to get to Ilmenau. You can take either of the Autobahn exits 'Ilmenau-West' or 'Ilmenau-Ost'.

Here, you can find a detail map of the surrounding: Map



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