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Tomoya Kishi

Tomoya Kishi

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  • Recording Industry - Game Audio

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  • Manager
  • Sound Designer


As the Senior Manager of the Sound Technical Section, Tomoya Kishi is responsible for sound programming, research and development in game audio, and innovation in game audio across all Capcom game titles. In addition, he supports the physical and mental health of his team members from a creative perspective.

He joined Capcom in 2001 and worked as a sound designer and audio director on a number of titles, including the "Lost Planet" series and "Dragon's Dogma". He brought a game-specific "implementation" to audio post-production, and through a number of collaborations, established an efficient and high-quality workflow and creating a new creative approach to game audio.

The connection with AES was triggered by the industry-academia collaboration of the Interactive Reverb for Game Audio with Mr.Nakahara, Acoustician and Professor Hanyu of Architectural Acoustics. It's a flexible and high-quality reverb suitable for game audio using Statistical acoustics. He presented the result at AES 41st Conference - Audio for Games in 2011 and 133th AES Convention San Francisco in 2012.

In addition, he has contributed to raising the standard of Japanese game audio as an advisory board member in the sound field of the CEDEC steering committee since 2016, and as an audio session producer from 2018 to 2021. (CEDEC, Computer Entertainment Developers Conference, is the largest technology exchange event for game developers in Japan, hosted by CESA, Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association).

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

2013 G.A.N.G. Awards Nomination "Best Audio Mix" - DRAGON'S DOGMA
2011 Golden Reel "Best Sound Editing: Computer Interactive Entertainment" Nomination - LOST PLANET 2
2007 Golden Reel "Best Sound Editing: Computer Interactive Entertainment" Nomination - LOST PLANET: EXTREME CONDITION

Education Background

1997-2001, Kansai University (Faculty of Commerce, Doctor of Commercial Science)

Employment History

2001- CAPCOM.Co.,Ltd.

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