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Jun Yamazaki

Jun Yamazaki

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  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Software
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware

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  • Designer
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Jun Yamazaki is the product designer of pro audio product, especially audio post field. He is the specialist of time code and synchronizing system for multi-channel audio studio. He designed many kind of synchronizer unit, ex Tamura TLX-1000, SYX-1000, TAX-2000, Izm-806, SRX-3000 etc. Also he designed customized Broadcast console for key TV station in Tokyo. Recently, he designed V-Mon plug-in and controller, and VMC-102 Studio monitor controller at Tacsystem. He has been actively engaged in supporting activities of the AES as one of the directors of Japan section. He successively assumed the chair of Japan section on 2012 and has achieved a big successful of 60 year's anniversary event of Japan section.

Education Background

Jun Yamazaki has graduated Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Musashi Institute of Technology in Tokyo.

Employment History

1985 - 1987 Elecon co. ltd
Schematic designer for synchronizer system.
1987 - 2005 Tamra corporation
Product designer, Schematic / FPGA designer for synchronizer system and On air broadcast console. Export business development specialist.
2005 - 2007 Avid Technology KK
Sales representative of ICON console.
2007 - Tacsystem inc.
Director, distribution sales manager, Product designer.

Why Am I An AES Member?

I want to motivate people who loves music and audio in Japan and all of APAC area. For this reason, I joined to AES in order to torevitalize all of activity related with audio market.

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