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Argentina - July 24, 2012

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The legacy of engineer Oscar Bonello is made of his truly large production of technical papers, remarkable both in their quality and quantity. But his generosity went even further than the simple the dissemination of knowledge as he served also as our host in a guided tour to Solidyne, a company he founded in 1968 and that has kept Argentina in the forefront of audio international audio as far as the world of broadcasting rolls.

On July 24th, 2012 several members of the AES Argentina had the opportunity to tour the Solidyne laboratories, where engineer Bonello himself delighted us with his knowledge, his experience, his view and his anecdotes, ranging from the hilarious to the highest in sapience and in the exercise of professional audio design.

The Solidyne company has been innovating and manufacturing equipment for broadcasting and audio engineering from the 1960's, and, most importantly, has never ceased to research in all fields related. All of us working in acoustics have used the "Bonello Criterion" for the distribution of normal resonance modes in an enclosure at some point.

The advanced technology and quality of Solidyne currently supplies professional equipment, both analogue and digital, hardware and software, for broadcasting, television and production studios in over sixty countries.

On my own behalf, I can only express the all-positive experience that such an audio event can be from every point of view. There is of course one side which is the specific technical interest aroused by the initial proposal. On the other hand however, from the human approach, the genius of all the members that make up Solidyne has genuinely ignited a stronger desire for personal growth within all of us.

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