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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 4, 2012

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I. Discussions of CRAS Experiences Thus Far

II. Previous Clinic Ideas Followup

A. Chuck Swank

1. Interested in doing Sampling Clinic

2. 1st or 2nd Week Thursday

B. Jeff Thomas

1. Interested in doing Monitor and Subkick build

2. Still need to ?nd a particular time and date

C. Phil Nichols

1. Discussion of Real World Pro Tools Application Clinic

a) Focus on Editing and Mixing

2. July 18th, 2012 - 8 PM

3. 7th Cycle and up only

D. Alan Leggett

1. Mixing in a Box Clinic in approx. 1 month

2. Need to ?nd a speci?c date - beginning of week

E. Brian Burrill

1. Interested in doing Music Theory Clinic

2. In Live Sound

3. Need to ?nd speci?c date - beginning of week

F. Dave Kalberg

1. Interested in doing Video Game Night

2. Need to ?nalize date/time

III. New Ideas for Clinics or Meetings

A. Talent Show/Competition/Battle

1. Showcase Students Artist Capabilities

2. Students set up/break down as well as perform

B. Vocal Clinic

1. Nancy Sharlau: possible sponsor (open to other ideas from Nancy as well)

C. Composing Clinic

1. John Berry: possible sponsor (contact him for his thoughts on a clinic)

IV. Organized AES Admin Pictures

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